Consumer Medication Information

Library of Consumer Medication Information.

Our library allows the consumer to “read along” with an audible presentation of each CMI. Every session is mechanically translated and recorded through Amazon Web Services and can be easily accessed through a computer or mobile device.

Medication Reference Information

Please review our reference sheet for more information on medication information sources.

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Privacy Policy

AudibleRx does not require you to enter any information to access the counseling sessions. AudibleRx maintains no liability for the privacy policy or terms of use of any website linked to the AudibleRx website. AudibleRx is free for the individual user. AudibleRx is free for Healthcare practitioners through licensed use and provided as a medication education tool to their clients. Any information acquired from the license agreement is not shared without written consent from the licensee. We do not request or store sensitive or any personal medical information from our visitors. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy of AudibleRx, please contact us.

Terms of Use

These recordings are meant to supplement your knowledge and understanding of your medications and are not a replacement for counseling with your pharmacist or doctor. AudibleRx maintains no liability for your medication education, understanding or usage. This information does not allow you to take a prescription medication that was not prescribed for you. AudibleRx has performed an extensive review of each topic to assure the information provided is current and relevant; however, AudibleRx maintains no liability for and cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided in the recording sessions. Mechanical translation and recording are provided by Amazon Web Services. Talk with your pharmacist or doctor before taking your medication and if you have any questions regarding your medication. All information provided “as-is” and with no express or implied warranties, including warranties directed to accuracy, non-infringement of any proprietary rights or a third party or fitness for a particular purpose.