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AudibleRx is updating both format and content

Content is being revised in order to meet specific health literacy guidelines. The purpose is to create Consumer Medication Information that is more pleasing to the reader/listener, while also meeting all of the requirements listed in the FDA Useful Consumer Medication Information guidance document. We want this CMI to be "accessible" to a much larger percent of the population than current CMI options.

Format is being revised in order to allow consumers to "read along" with the audible presentation of the CMI. When accessed on their mobile device or computer, the consumer will LISTEN to a human voice narrate the CMI of the specific medication. The consumer will then have the option to scroll the screen and "read along" with the narration. The consumer may also "print" the document.

Customers: Every institution has a Patient Health Record (PHR) which institutions like to call their Patient Portal. Meaningful Use 2 states we need to provide medication education upon discharge tailored to the learning needs of the patient, Meaningful Use 3 states we need to provide this information through the PHR and teach the patients how to access it.

AudibleRx CMI will be loaded in the back end of the patients PHR. When a patient opens their Patient Portal, they will see their list of current medications. When they click on their medication the CMI file will open. They will LISTEN to a human voice narrate the accessible CMI and they will also READ along.

This is not to replace pharmacist counseling; rather, when a patient or caregiver listens to a CMI session, the will have a clear idea of what they do and don't know about their medications and be in a clear position to take educated questions back to their own health care provider.

More information to follow soon.

We expect to have a "sample" template available by Sept, 2016 and the initial rebuild should be ready for launch early 2017.

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Green Fact

Over 4 billion prescriptions are filled in United States each year.  Each prescription is accompanied with, on average, 2 pages of Consumer Medication Information.  That's over 8 billion sheets of paper, or nearly 90,000 average paper producing trees.

AudibleRx uses ZERO sheets of paper (zero trees) when delivering Consumer Medication Information.

This is what we offer

Consumer Medication Information, provided in audible format, as an alternative to the paper handouts patients receive with prescriptions.



AudibleRx is not affiliated with any drug manufacturer and offers no advertising. Every effort is made to keep the recordings provided by AudibleRx completely objective and unbiased.

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